Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Quick Zip Lunch Bag, updated

Hmm... I guess I haven't posted for a month! Well, it's not that I haven't been doing anything. I did complete another sewing project, but I've been purposely waiting to post about it. However, I guess I'll just go ahead and do it so you'll know I'm still alive (in case anybody even reads the ol' blog anymore. Ha.)

I completed another pattern test recently for Erin (Erickson) Gilbey of Dog Under My Desk. Amongst her move back to the USA from Australia (hurray!) last month, she managed to finish a rewrite of one of her older patterns, the Quick Zip Lunch Bag. This was her first pattern, and she wanted the format to be more like her later patterns, plus she added the option of a larger size. I'd used the older pattern to make a bag to hold Courtney's Shopkins (which you can see here), so I was happy to test the new version (although I'm always happy to test any of her patterns because they're so good!). Here's my new (non)lunch bag.

Although the pattern tells how to insulate it with Insul-Bright and batting to keep your lunch chilled, I didn't need a lunch bag, so I didn't insulate mine. I instead needed a bag to hold my new Dyson hand vacuum tools, so I made the large size bag, added an extra pocket inside, and here it is holding my tools.

Erin wrote the pattern to be beginner-friendly, keeping it simple and with lots of how-to's... like putting in the "dreaded" zipper (which really is nothing to dread, and Erin's techniques make it easy to have it end up right). Here's my recessed zipper from the lining side, right after installation.....

..... and here it is on the completed bag.

Ever want to be able to put in a zipper like that? Trying this pattern would be a good way to learn how to do it!

Since I didn't need to insulate my bag, I decided to use Pellon one-sided fusible foam as my stabilizer. I trimmed off all the seam allowances from the foam before fusing it so that the seams wouldn't be so thick. I wasn't too pleased with how it adhered, however. It started coming loose on the edges, and I ended up adding a little glue to hold it down next to the seams. The problem might not have been due to the foam, though. The fabric was somewhat rough on the back, and that may have had something to do with it. Also, it was quite thick, so that may have contributed, too. So I'm not knocking the foam, really. It might do well on other fabrics. I'd used it once before on barkcloth, and that seemed to work fine. Anyway, this is what it looked like after the outside of the bag was sewn together. The foam gives it a lot of body and makes it stand up nicely.

Here's a closer look at the fabric. I guess it's a brocade. It's not designed by Jess, but it was gifted by her... er... I mean Santa! It's really a lovely fabric, nice and heavy yet easy to sew. See the texture?

I should probably feel guilty for using such a nice fabric to hold vacuum tools, but I don't. The tag was still on it, and it said $1/1 yard. Quite a bargain Jess Santa found on a remnant table! The reason I chose it is that it goes so well with my crazy kitchen floor, and that's where it now resides, under the desk that holds the Dyson vac... very handy!

The pattern has been all tested and is now available here. The price is only $6.00, and it's worth every penny with all the how-to's you'll be getting. It was a quick, fun make, and I highly recommend it! Erin hasn't blogged about it yet (that's why I've procrastinated on posting it), but when she does, I'll add a link to her post here. It seems that when one moves from one country to another, there are a lot of things to do (other than writing blog posts)! Ha - what an understatement! But someday she'll get caught up and have an office and start cranking out more fabulous patterns. I know her head has already been spinning with ideas, and I can't wait to see what she comes up with!

Meanwhile, I already have another project in the works. It will have to remain secret until it reaches its intended recipient... but at least you won't have to wait till after Christmas to see it. ;)