Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Just pretty

Cantaloupe blossom:

Day lilies:

Plains coreopsis:

Bachelor buttons:

Moss roses:

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Good news/sad news

Yes, the kittens are still nursing. Poor Rainbow! ;)

What? You couldn't see her? Look again... there's her head:

Such big babies!

The good news is that they'll be going to a new home in a few weeks! They'll get to live on a different farm, in a barn. One of them might even get to live in the house there. I'll miss them a lot, but I have a hunch I can go visit them any time I want. :) And I'll be able to get my car in and out of the garage a LOT more easily to do so. To say the least. :)

The sad news is that I found my little Aggie. Or rather, her remains. I was mowing and spotted her under the branches of an evergreen tree out beyond the garden. The kittens never went that far from the house, so I'm sure some kind of predator came near the house and got her. Kind of strange. And so sad. But at least now I don't have to wonder if she's lost somewhere and starving to death.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Sun or moon?

We had a most unusual view of the sun on Thursday evening. These photos don't do it justice at all, because my camera just wouldn't capture the bright orange color, so you'll have to use your imagination. They'll also look more impressive enlarged, so click on them to do so.

There was a lot of hazy cloudiness in the sky, just enough to obscure the sun and make it look more like a full moon. It was simply a huge, orange ball. Too bad you can't see it as I did. It actually made me gasp when I first saw it.

Friday, July 18, 2014

American Girl doll Bandeau Top and Jeans Shorts

It's been a while, but I sewed again! Finally. A couple of small, quick projects that at least made me feel like I accomplished something creative.

Courtney was here yesterday instead of Tuesday, and I finished sewing while she was here, and then she assisted me with the photo shoot, which we chose to do outdoors for a change. So excuse the somewhat washed-out photos which I took in kind of a hurry. There was no time to check them on the computer before she took the clothes home with her (not that I'd have been ambitious enough to reshoot them, anyway).

The top was made from a pattern I got from Pixie Faire (formerly Liberty Jane Patterns) on one of their "free pattern Fridays". It's the Bandeau Top. It was very easy to sew. Courtney chose the fabric from some grab bag fabrics I got a long time ago. (Don't pay any attention to how the print isn't straight - that was the weirdestly-crooked off-grain print I've ever seen!)

The only thing I would do differently if I made it again is to make the ties at least a couple of inches longer. It was hard enough for me to tie in the back, and Courtney's little fingers weren't even able to make a bow.

Aside: Courtney was very impressed with the little braid I put in Kit's hair. I liked how her one-and-only barrette went with the top. :)

I made the cut-off shorts from the Jeans pattern I've used a couple of times before. The fabric is from an old worn-out pair of my own capris - the knees had holes (genuinely worn - they weren't there when I bought them!), but the backs were fine. I of course did the topstitching to make them look "real".

I even fancied up the back pockets with a decorative stitch. It's a bit hard to see the detail in the photo, though.

When I made the jeans before, I used a twin needle for the double lines of stitching. I didn't this time, though, because it seemed easier to stitch two lines than to thread the twin needle. They turned out almost as good, anyway, I think.

After Kit did her modeling job, Courtney dressed her Marie Grace (who was conveniently along yesterday) in the clothes for a pic, too, since the outfit actually was hers.

I liked her pretty shoes!

And of course I couldn't leave out my cute assistant herself!

Soooo.... I'm back in the sewing mood! And I have a plan for the next project(s). Now just for the time. Summer is always so busy.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Just pretty

I took all of these photos alongside our driveway late one afternoon.

Purple loosestrife:

Yellow sweet clover and purple loosestrife:

White sweet clover:

Alfalfa blooms:

Wild roses: