Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Brightening my sewing room

I've been bringing my amaryllises out somewhat later the last few years. I guess I started doing that because then it's warmer in the sewing room window where I've been putting them for the best sunshine. My first one is fully open now.

The second one will be blooming soon. The third one has decided to take a vacation from blooming this year, I guess. The fourth is an offspring of the one above, and I think it's not mature enough to bloom yet. BTW, if anyone (local) would like that little one, speak up, because I really don't want two alike... but I don't have the heart to just toss it. :)

Guess what?!?! My last sewing project was a success! It FITS! Perfectly, even!!! I am soooo relieved! Photos are awaiting a photographer and daylight to be available at the same time. I will show you pics when I get them!

Update: I just discovered this morning that my fourth amaryllis, the "offspring", IS indeed going to bloom! The flower stalk popped out since I took those pics yesterday morning and is already about an inch tall!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Crafting with Courtney - Aquarellum

When Courtney was here for a full day the day after Easter, we had plenty of time for projects, so here's another one that we worked on. Have you ever heard of Aquarellum, by SentoSphere? I hadn't, until a friend told me about the kits. This is the cover of the kit I bought:

In it were 4 pages to paint. The pages were very stiff paper, and there was a wax coating on all the unpaintable areas, so the paint wouldn't stick there, making it nearly impossible to go out of the lines. Pretty cool!

The kit came with a little pallet and 5 colors of paint... or actually it was more like ink. There was an eye-dropper thingy we used to get paint from the little bottles to mix in the end-of-finger-sized holes you see:

A color chart was included that showed what basic colors to mix to get about any color you could want:

It was fun! We experimented making different colors... so easy, and our paintings turned out very pretty! Here's Courtney's first project - a peacock:

I did hummingbirds:

And since Courtney finished hers first, she did another page. Look at the lovely brown color she mixed!

I got the kit from Amazon. There are a variety of them, but they're kind of expensive, so it's best to watch for them to be on sale.

We have one more page to go... we may have to fight over who gets to paint it! Ha.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Just a peek

Ahhhh.... I finally finished the project I've been working on! The most recent one that's gotten precedence over writing blog posts. 

Remember this?

Now you'll get to see what it became. It's on its way to its recipient, so you'll get the full picture soon, but for now, here are a couple of "peek" shots I took yesterday as my daylight was fading. They're not the best shots... as you can see the colors don't even match from one photo to the next. And I didn't even take time to press it first, so don't look too closely. In fact, it wasn't even 100% done at that time. Ha. But here ya go....

Bet you can't guess who it's for. Hahaha.

Well, just for being so patient, here are some more tulips for you. We're having such gorgeous warm weather (which is due to end with rain tomorrow, but we need that, too), that they've all popped out at once!

Annabelle wasn't quite so patient with me, though. She heard me outside the window and was trying soooo hard to join me.

Silly girl!

Hope with me that the above project FITS! Then you'll get to see it modeled, hopefully early next week. Time for me to start the next one.....

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

More signs of spring

Photos from this morning... spring is definitely here!

Of course it wouldn't be spring without dandelions. This is the first one I've seen so far. Or second. It had a twin nearby.

And the violas (a.k.a. johnny jump-ups) always bloom early.

But my tulips started opening yesterday!

This is actually the one I went out to photograph:

And closer:

Did you notice the background above?

Yep, I was getting an assistant, Miss Mia. She had her eye on the same flower I did.


That was a lucky shot - ha!

Monday, April 13, 2015


The first of the season! (Or the first that I've seen, anyway. Autumn's mama may have some at the neighbor's... I'm not sure.) These were born overnight Saturday night, so were just a few hours old when I took the pics yesterday morning.

These, at least, are in our machine shed and easy to get at. I have a large doghouse in there that's lined with straw, and they're inside that. It kind of puts the other cats out of their bed, but the weather's warmer now and they maybe didn't sleep in there anymore, anyway.

Here's their mama, having breakfast:

Nope, it's not Rainbow, although they look a lot alike. This is Dash (Annabelle's mother). She and Rainbow might be sisters... I can't remember anymore. Dash is a VERY protective mother, and you (I) don't want to get too close to her when she has babies! (Actually, I can't get too close to her, anyway. I've never been able to pet her.) I had to take these pics of her babies quickly while she was eating. Fortunately, the roof of the doghouse lifts up handily.

Aren't they beautiful? I'm in love with the calicos already... and that white one is likely another Annabelle.