Friday, February 27, 2015

In progress....

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Not to be outdone...

... here's my other glamor puss, Josie. She wasn't quite as cooperative as Annabelle was the other day, but at least she held somewhat still in the hole.

"Can we be done now?"

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Glamor puss

As I was taking photos of the frost that I showed you yesterday, Annabelle was on top of the cat tower watching. I couldn't resist getting a few shots of her, too.

Look what I noticed about her just a few days ago... her sides are striped and the patches on her back are pretty plain, not to mention different color. This shot shows it well:

Weird, huh? But then, her coloring has been pretty strange all along. Pretty unique. Or uniquely pretty. :)

She's a very good kitty. Well, except for when she pulls the stopper out of the bathroom sink (Josie taught her that) and leaves it 'wherever'. I've hunted it down many times. Now I try to remember to take it out and hide it when I'm done using the sink. She also likes the scrubber thingies from by the kitchen sink. That's the first thing she goes for when I leave the room a lot of times. Brat. But a very loving brat. :)

Monday, February 23, 2015

Back to this

We had so many nice days in January that it seemed like spring was getting close. But February has turned out to definitely have its ups and downs. And way downs. It didn't get much above zero yesterday. Here are some living room window frost shots I took earlier from one of the cold days:

Cool, huh? (Pun intended.)

At least the warmth in January has made the winter seem much shorter. And hey, spring begins next month! Officially, anyway. Mother Nature might have other ideas - ha.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Crafting with Courtney

Or, maybe the title instead should say "Designing with Courtney", because she designed the project, as well as picked out the scraps to make it from. I can't remember if she had it in mind before I gave her the Valentine nighties or not. Maybe they were her inspiration for it, considering the heart.

So... she got this idea from somewhere, and she sketched out a little stuffed critter that she wanted to make. Here's her drawing. It was actually very small, like 2" high at the most.

She dug through an ancient sewing basket of scraps that Auntie Jess had acquired from her grandma many years ago. (Gee, did that make Jess sound "ancient"? It was the basket, though, that was ancient... it had been mine many years before that. My very first sewing basket, in fact. Yep, that's ancient! Or I guess the word is "vintage" these days. Ha.)

This is what the finished project looked like:

The buttons were new, though, as was the fleece on the back side. Everything else came from that basket. Recognize anything, Jess?

I quickly stitched it all together with the sewing machine, in order to get it finished before Daddy came to pick her up. Almost made it! But he was patient and waited till Courtney had stuffed it (her first experience using a forceps) and I sewed the hole shut and had a very fast photo shoot.

I realized as I was editing the photos that I forgot to stitch on the mouth. Apparently Courtney didn't notice it, either. Oh, well... there wasn't room for it, anyway... and it looks fine without it, right? ;)

Speaking of a mouth... Miss C had to do a silly pose, too (terrible lighting). :)