Sunday, November 1, 2009

There was an elephant in the room last night!

Yep, a little trick-or-treating elephant! But before she came into the house, she had to stop and greet the kitty that was outside. Elephants really like kitties, did you know that?

This elephant was so soft and cuddly, you just couldn't help scooping her up and hugging her!

Soooo.... what does one feed a little elephant? How 'bout a bag (made by Grandma out of those oh-so-familiar fabrics).....

.... full of peanuts? Circus peanuts, of course!

I think the little elephant was pleased.

Yep, a successful treat! Little elephant was very happy.

Grandpa found that the little elephant's tail was just too much of a temptation.

But he didn't get his kiss. Little elephants don't like scratchy faces very much. ;-) She did know where Grandpa keeps his stash of cookies, though!

This was the best kind of "elephant in the room" ever!


Auntie Kris said...

Oh, I love that costume. One election year, we used that same elephant, and an Eyore costume and the neighbors thought it was pretty clever... A donkey and and elephant, just days before an election.

Cute bag! Are you trying out new patterns for the Etsy shop?

live a colorful life said...

So cute. Really. So.Cute. I mean the elephant. But I love the bag as well. Is that going to be a new item?

Lena said...

That is one pretty little Elephant all right!

ps.....the word verification for this 'little elephant' comment is: zoolo..!

Grandma G said...

Very clever indeed, Kris! Yep, an adorable costume! Courtney is so lucky to "inherit" her cousins' outfits!

No, I'm not going to be making those bags for the Etsy shop. There are just too many others selling them, some even using Jess's fabrics. However, I will custom make them if anyone wants.

Zoolo.. how fitting! :-)

Sarah said...

What a cute elephant! Love the extra touch of those peanut treats. Very appropriate!