Monday, August 24, 2015

More babies

These babies were discovered in the hog barn Friday morning. They belong to 10-month-old Mia, one of Rainbow's October babies from last fall.

The light one is a female and the other one a male.

Much to my surprise, when I went out on Saturday morning, I found this!

One more little tom added to the litter. Look at those cute noses! And the light ones are going to have some interesting coloration as they get older. It's dark in there (had to use the flash on the DSLR), so the coloring is a bit hard to tell, but it appears to be a grayish orange. Kinda different.

I was afraid the older kittens might nurse on Mia, and I think perhaps they did at first, but now it looks as if Mia's taking care of just her own. She growls at the others. Good mama!

She's pretty happy being a mama, I think, even though she's so young.

Guess we're gonna have to do some naming again. I haven't even pinned names to Patches' 4 yet. Yikes!


annie dee said...

More adorable babies. You've got work to do!!

Grandma G said...

I know! And there are more on the way, too. They should only be allowed one litter/year. :-/

LiEr said...

Gah! So cute. Look at those skinny little legs as they nurse! Eeeee!

Jenny said...

That little lack one looks like maybe he dipped hosting little paws in some white paint! So cute!


Jenny said...

Sorry- the black one!

Jenny said...

Geez- apparently I can't type or proofread on my phone very well! Let's try again!

The little black on looks like maybe he dipped his paws in some white paint!

I guess I need school to start so I can regain my typing abilities- although I'm going to give autocorrect at least a little of the blame here!


Grandma G said...

Ooohh... I hit LiEr's squee button again! At least I didn't kill her this time. ;)

Jenny... I did wonder about those "hosting" paws. Heheh. Hopefully you don't have to type on a phone in school. ;) Yeah, autocorrect is a pain. I turned mine off long ago. I prefer to make my own mistakes. At least now maybe it won't be so hard for people to figure out what I'm trying to say when I make a typo. ;)

Geneviève Thiffault said...

Awww! Those nursing moments are wonderful to watch. ☺

Grandma G said...

They are, aren't they? I never get tired of seeing it. :)