Thursday, February 11, 2016

After the blizzard

These photos are from after last week's blizzard. We had another one this past Sunday night. Such fun. Ha. But all the snow does make for beautiful scenery and photos.

The "golden hour" is just the best for taking pictures. Look at those lovely long shadows and the golden tint on the snow.

We had quite the nice path from the house to the yard. It made feeding cats so much easier when I didn't have to climb drifts or sink to my knees on the way out and back. It was nice. Was. It's all blown in again now. Prairie winds will do that. Often.

We've really had some glorious sunsets this winter.

So peaceful, though, right? After it's all said and done, that is.


Marianne said...

wow...the snow looks so beautiful and great to photograph...but no fun when you have to go out in it. I'm such a scaredy cat about driving when it's icy out take care!

annie dee said...

Ok I have to admit, the snow certainly makes the perfect backdrop for some lovely photos. I imagine if there were sound, it's so cold, the snow would be making crunchy noises as you walk.

Grandma G said...

Thank you, ladies!

Marianne, I don't like the icy stuff, either, especially since we live on a rather hilly road. I also don't like getting stuck in our driveway, which I already have twice this winter... three times, actually, if you count digging myself out once. The other two times I had to leave the car for the men to get out. I've had my fill of winter this year, but I'm afraid there's more cold, snow and wind ahead.

Annie Dee, yes, it definitely crunches... and it'll be REALLY crunchy tonight, since it's forecast to get down to -13 degrees. And another 4" or so of snow accompanied by wind tomorrow night. Aargh.

annie dee said...

Minus 13?! 13?! That's a lack of too many degrees!!

Grandma G said...


Geneviève Thiffault said...

You really make the most of the terrible winter weather with those stunning photos. :)

I have a lot of respect for your dedication to capture those moments, braving the cold and the snow with your camera. Brrrr! Way more courageous than I am!

Grandma G said...

Thanks, Gen! ❤️ It's not so much dedication as a compulsion. I see a pretty scene, and it 'must' be photographed. ;) I just need to be smarter and leave my iPad/camera right inside the door, 'just in case'. It'd sure save having to wipe up tracks off the floor. LOL But when I go out, I'm not usually expecting to take pics because it is, indeed, so cold. 😏