Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter!

Yes, those are the correct photos. I took them this morning. I think Mother Nature got a little confused as to which holiday it is. She must've been thinking Christmas... or April Fool's Day? ;-Þ

I did catch a shot of the Easter Bunny, too, after he finished making his rounds. He was very hungry after all that work, but he had to work some more to dig his breakfast out from under all the snow, poor thing.

The robins and all the rest of the birds have been having a hard time finding food, too.

"I think I hear a worm!"

"I know he's down there somewhere."

"Aw, shucks. I guess he was too cold to come up."

Enough already! At least it's melting, and it should go pretty fast in the next few days. The robins have had their tails snowed on three times now. Is this the end of it? Not according to the forecast. :(

Have a nice Easter, wherever you are! We have so much to be thankful for, including the reason for the holiday!


Geneviève Thiffault said...

Third time's the charm? Maybe it really was the last snowfall (wishful thinking, I know :P).

I'm glad we don't have to search for food under the snow like those birds and rabbits. You would certainly find me outside with my hair dryer. :P Mother Nature sure isn't making it easy for all those little critters.

Grandma G said...

The birds, cats, and all the others (me included) are much happier today. It got up to 60° and the snow has been melting like crazy. There are huge puddles on the driveway, and lots of green grass showing again. Yay!

Now if only there weren't snow in the forecast again for Wednesday night. Ugh. But "less than an inch". Now if we consider that these last 5-6" were supposed to be 2"... Ack... let's not think like that! LOL