Saturday, December 1, 2007

Storm update

We're getting HUGE snowflakes right now... so big they 'crash' when they hit the cement! Here's the latest video.

Actually, looking at the radar, I think the worst is over, but the warning remains in effect.


alex said...

Wow! Those are pretty big flakes. Almost looks like a movie set. Much of the snow here in Chicago has melted already.

Doug and Grace said...
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Doug and Grace said...

Wow, that is neat how you can see the big flakes falling. I was playing the "Name That sound game"
Snow blower? Grain auger? Give us a clue.

Grandma G said...

Do I have to tell you?! Believe it or not, it's my new dryer. Something rubs in it and makes that noise... not usually when the dryer itself runs, but when the washer is spinning and vibrating the floor a bit. :-( I may have to have Nate see if he can figure out what's rubbing and find a way to stop it. It bugs me, and I can't sit on top of it to keep it from wiggling every time the washer spins. ;-)

However, it's really not as loud as it sounds on that video! Methinks my mic on the camera is VERY sensitive with certain sounds!