Thursday, January 17, 2008



"That crazy thing won't let me stand up by it! What's with that?!? I'm gettin' away from it before it attacks me!!"

Note from Grandma: You may want to see previous post about cat-cubes.


Anonymous said...

eejqoWhat a HOOT, Looks like Courtney had to admit defeat. Gracektipzbot

Grandma G said...

Grace, was Courtney helping you type, by any chance??? :-D

Lori said...

Hi Candi, This was fun. Your baby is soooooooo cute. I'm going to Jess's next. Lori

Grandma G said...

Hi Lori! Glad you made it. And thanks for leaving a comment. You're getting better all the time in the computer world! :-)