Saturday, February 23, 2008

Amaryllis 5

I took these pictures this morning. Here's the one that's the slowest (but will also be the most spectacular, so keep checking back to see its blooms!).

It's getting closer!

This one is my oldest, blooming for its 29th year!!! I don't know for sure why it's leaning so much, but I suspect it's because the leaves have forced the stalk over. It's not that it's reaching for light, because it was leaning away from the window. I have to keep it propped up, or it'll tip the whole pot over, because the huge flowers are heavy.

But isn't it GORGEOUS?!

Here's the one that's done blooming. I just cut the stalk off it this morning. Now the leaves will grow and nourish the bulb. I'll set it and the others outside in the ground this summer, right in their pots, in a slightly sunny spot. In the fall, just before frost, I'll bring them in and stick them in a dark corner of the basement, not watering them, until I bring them up again next winter.


Anonymous said...

Your amaryllis are sure pretty. Mine only have leaves and no sign of the blossom stock. I will set them out this summer and see if they shape up. Enjoy the nice winter day. Grace

Cakespy said...

Wow, great amaryllis! Mine, like above, don't have a sign of the blossom. Of course your photography is beautiful too! Makes me long for spring...

Grandma G said...

Thanks, Grace. Good luck with yours! Be sure to feed them regularly, too, during the summer.

Welcome, Cakespy! Thanks for commenting! I just took a peek at your blog... mmmmmm! Made my mouth water! I'll definitely be coming back when I have more time!

I'm more than ready for spring, too!!