Saturday, August 9, 2008

Stargazer lily

My stargazer lily bloomed better this year than it did last year. However, it's still not as pretty as it used to be.

You can see from this other bloom that there's still something wrong with it. Notice the funny brownish spots on the far right petal? Can anybody give me a clue as to what's wrong with it? Fungus? Disease? Grace, you're a lily expert... you must have an idea! :-)


Anonymous said...

Grace says= The nurse in me thinks it is sick. But I do not know what causes the deformity of the leaf and loss of color pigments.
You could forward the photo to Clint at the green house and see what he thinks you could do to cure the illness.

I really like the color of this lily.

Grandma G said...

Yeah, if only I had Clint's address. :-)