Friday, February 20, 2015

Crafting with Courtney

Or, maybe the title instead should say "Designing with Courtney", because she designed the project, as well as picked out the scraps to make it from. I can't remember if she had it in mind before I gave her the Valentine nighties or not. Maybe they were her inspiration for it, considering the heart.

So... she got this idea from somewhere, and she sketched out a little stuffed critter that she wanted to make. Here's her drawing. It was actually very small, like 2" high at the most.

She dug through an ancient sewing basket of scraps that Auntie Jess had acquired from her grandma many years ago. (Gee, did that make Jess sound "ancient"? It was the basket, though, that was ancient... it had been mine many years before that. My very first sewing basket, in fact. Yep, that's ancient! Or I guess the word is "vintage" these days. Ha.)

This is what the finished project looked like:

The buttons were new, though, as was the fleece on the back side. Everything else came from that basket. Recognize anything, Jess?

I quickly stitched it all together with the sewing machine, in order to get it finished before Daddy came to pick her up. Almost made it! But he was patient and waited till Courtney had stuffed it (her first experience using a forceps) and I sewed the hole shut and had a very fast photo shoot.

I realized as I was editing the photos that I forgot to stitch on the mouth. Apparently Courtney didn't notice it, either. Oh, well... there wasn't room for it, anyway... and it looks fine without it, right? ;)

Speaking of a mouth... Miss C had to do a silly pose, too (terrible lighting). :)


annie dee said...

Adorable! Great idea to turn a sketch into a toy too. Save the sketch!!

Grandma G said...

Save the... ? Oops!

Jessica Jones said...

So charming. I don't recognize any of the ingredients, but it might be because I'm ancient now.

Grandma G said...

Very likely, Jess. Poor thing.

LiEr said...

Well done, Courtney! Your critter
(a) is adorable
(b) shows great skill in construction (kudos to GG)
(c) shows great creativity in design (kudos to C)
(d) is made with fun materials, of which the color combination demonstrates good taste (kudos to J)
looks a bit like a bunny, which means Kate will vigorously approve.

Conclusion: Win-win all around!

P.S. GG - I'm finally returning to blogland, but only to peruse favorite blogs.

Grandma G said...

Thanks, LiEr... I'll pass your kudos on to the appropriate parties. ;)