Thursday, September 3, 2015

Crafting with Courtney

Last week when Courtney was here, she got inspired to write a book! So she did. It's a very tiny book, with very tiny writing. Here's her little book, which she is very proud to show you! (We forgot to take pics of it last week, so she brought it along this week so we could do so.)

(Sorry... I don't remember what's under her thumb!)

Just so you know where Courtney got her inspiration... we'd come across these tiny books written lotsa years ago by her Auntie Jess. :)

I sure love both my authors of tiny books!!!!

P.S. Like those fancy fingernails? I just noticed they match the book colors! :)


annie dee said...

Wonderful! Love it. Congratulations to the published author. When is her book signing event?

Grandma G said...

Thanks... I'll pass that along to Miss Author. :) Signing date is undetermined as yet. ;)

Geneviève Thiffault said...

Courtney's companions seem to have great personalities. That is very lovely (and tiny) book. Also, Zoey's tooth brushing interest is quite funny. :D

This reminds me that I used to do the same as a kid, but I never dare to make such a small book.

Grandma G said...

And did you notice that on the cover, "Cats" has hearts around it, but "Dogs" has stones or something? Hmm. ;)

Yeah, Zoey likes to watch when Courtney brushes her teeth. :)

No wonder you're such a good writer today... you started early, too! :)

Geneviève Thiffault said...

Hahaha! I hadn't noticed the hearts vs stones, this is very funny :D Maybe it's because Ginger doesn't fetch that she didn't get any heart?

Sadly, I didn't kept any of the books I made, we will never know if they would have become best-sellers later on. :P

Grandma G said...

The fetching plus the jumping on her. Ginger gets too excited when C's around. ;(