Thursday, September 17, 2015

SEWING with Courtney!

On Courtney's last full day here before school started, we decided it was time for her to try a little sewing project... on the REAL sewing machine! She loves bags, so I found a simple example online, and we went with that plan.

She also loves pockets, and she wanted one on the inside. Since we weren't lining the bag (I serged all the fabric edges to prevent fraying), I said we would also need a pocket on the outside to cover up the stitches from the inside pocket. She chose her fabrics that day but we didn't have time to start sewing (much to her disappointment), so we got at it this week Tuesday when she was here after school.

Here she is, her very first time at a real sewing machine, stitching some of Auntie Jess's ribbon onto her outside pocket for trim.

Next the pocket went onto the outside of the bag.

My biggest worry was over little fingers that could slip under the needle, so I was watching like a hawk, but she was very careful (and I was ready to grab the hand crank if she got going too fast)!

After sewing on grosgrain ribbons for straps, she then sewed the back and front of the bag together.

Here she is with her brand new bag, proud as can be (and rightly so, as she did a wonderful job for a first-ever sewing machine project)!

(I thought she happened to be very color-coordinated that day, right down to her shoelaces!)

A closer look at her bag, made out of one of Auntie Jess's earlier fabrics:

She did fabulously! She was very careful about everything. The hardest part was controlling the speed with the foot pedal, but she'll get the hang of that soon enough. I think she's going to be a great seamstress someday... Grandma's little protégée! Grandma is very proud, too [even though it's hard to believe she's actually old enough (8) to be sewing]!

I took a couple of videos with my iPad, not knowing if I could find a way to get them onto the blog or not, but I discovered that I can email them to myself and save them on my computer, then upload them. So here you can see a couple quick clips of her sewing in action (apologies if you're on a tablet... they probably won't work there (?) ). Next time I'll know enough to turn the iPad to landscape, since I know I can use them here. ;)

She started pretty slowly, but she gained speed with her gained confidence.

I have no doubt her brain is already cooking up the next sewing project. Whatever it is, you'll be seeing it here! :)


Jenny said...

Bravo! She did a beautiful job! You are correct that I can't see the video on my iPad, but I'll check them out next time I'm at my computer.

You mentioned her getting used to the foot pedal- last winter I had all 8 of the (1st grade) boys in my Cub Scout den make red felt vests for their patches. Super easy pattern- one piece with a short seam across each shoulder. No matter how carefully I stressed to each of them to press the pedal SLOWLY, they all seemd to think they were in an Indy car instead of sitting in front of a sewing machine (at least for the first seam).


Grandma G said...

Thanks, Jenny! Wow, you are very brave to sew with little first grade boys!! My hat's off to you! :)

Auntie Kris said...

Oh, I'm so very happy to see Courtney sewing. This skill is going to open up an entire new arena of creativity for her. I think I'll put a bug in her ear to make a quilt for her dolly. (Guess who else would learn how to quilt, then?)

Grandma G said...

And guess who should be the one to teach her how to make that quilt?! LOL

LiEr said...

Brava, Courtney! And the fabric print is centered! I totally approve!

Geneviève Thiffault said...

Great job Courtney! I'm curious to see what her next project will be...

Grandma G said...

Thanks LiEr and Gen! I will pass your words along to her. :)

I wouldn't be surprised if she has her next project all sketched out when she arrives next time! Seriously! :)

jennie wallick said...

Courtney, how beautiful that bag is! I love the colors you chose, and what a great idea to appliqué some ribbon to the front pocket. It gives it such a finished look. I'll be looking for more beautiful things to be made by you. Happy sewing!

Grandma G said...

Thank you, Jenny! I'll make sure Courtney gets to read what you wrote! :)