Friday, October 23, 2015

Drawing with Courtney

About a month ago (ahem... yes, I'm a bit behind) when Courtney was here, she decided she wanted to draw something. She searched on YouTube for drawing videos and found one showing how to draw characters from the movie Inside Out. She went right to work.

Of course Annabelle was watching from her favorite spot, Courtney's book bag.

I managed to catch up on some newspaper reading, etc. Ha.

Courtney kept drawing and drawing, and here's the result. She did an excellent job! Her drawing ability has come a long way!

 In the meantime, I guess Annabelle got bored.

Silly kitty!


Jessica Jones said...

Those look great! I especially love Sadness.

Grandma G said...

At least you saw the movie and knew the characters. I had to look them up to find out who you were talking about. Ha!

Geneviève Thiffault said...

I had to google them too. :) Courtney's did a great job, she is a very talented girl. I hope we'll get to see some more of her sewing projects eventually. :)

Also, Annabelle is clearly making art too... She is "drawing" with fur on your carpet. XD

Grandma G said...

She has a sewing project in progress! ;)

Yeah, Annabelle... and Josie, too. Lots of art. Ha! They always have projects in progress. ;(