Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Scrappy Vinyl Pouches

I mentioned that Jess and I worked on a sewing project while we were visiting at their house. Cloud9 Fabrics had gifted us with this lovely stack of fat quarters in Cirrus Solids (or maybe it was a rental payment, since they'd borrowed a couple of bags I'd made to use for a display ;) ), so we needed something to sew from them.

Talk about color selection! Lovely!

We also had a bunch of ribbon samples of designs Jess had done for Renaissance Ribbons.

Sooo... what to make?

I'd come across a tutorial here for Scrappy Vinyl Pouches that looked kind of fun, so we decided to give it a try. The Cirrus Solids made the little loops (yeah, we have a lot of that stack of fat quarters left!), and you can see where the ribbons went.

Aren't they cute?!

Have another close look:

Jess plans to gift most of them, but I did get to bring one home. Guess which one! If you guessed the sewing machines, you guessed correctly. Not too hard, huh? I love that ribbon! It's also being printed in red.

So here's my little pouch, with pens to show what the actual size is.

What will I use it for? That's a tough decision... I have so many options! Maybe some teeny tiny doll clothes supplies, like buckles and buttons?

Or bag hardware...

... or my rivets and eyelets and the tools to set them.

Hmm... I think I need to make myself a few (dozen) more of these pouches! They're so handy because you can see what's inside them.

Jess did all the cutting, and I sewed them together. They were just a bit challenging to make. Although I've sewn a little vinyl before, I didn't have a lot of experience sewing vinyl to vinyl. And I had even less experience using Jess's sewing machine. So don't look too closely... they're not as neat as they could be, but I'm still pleased with them. There are a lot of tips out there for sewing with vinyl, and the tutorial has some, too. Just take it slow if you decide to do it. All in all, it was a fun project, and I plan to make more (using my good ol' faithful sewing machine).

There are 20 of Jess's new designs of the ribbons being printed right now. Among them are the skunks, lemons, sewing machines plus coordinating ribbons that go with the sewing machines. I can't wait to get more to play with! If you happen to see any projects that might be good to use the ribbons on, do let me know.


Geneviève Thiffault said...

You picked my favorite. :) (although the others are really cute too!)

I think the pixie basket could be a great way to use those ribbons.

kathy said...

I've seen the sewing machine ribbon on another blog and fell into instant lust. I also like the postage./mail one too.
great little bags

Grandma G said...

Thanks, ladies! :)

Gen, I was thinking the same thing about the baskets! Great minds! ;)

Kathy, the postage ribbon is an older one, so that's available now. The new ones are to come out around the middle of May, I just learned.

Carole @ From My Carolina Home said...

Cute and really useful!

Grandma G said...

Thanks, Carole! Yes, very useful - I plan to make a bunch more!

Paige said...

The pouches are so cute! The ribbon is a great addition!

Grandma G said...

Thanks, Paige! Using ribbons was a bit less work, too. ;)