Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Crafting with Courtney - Guest Post

I have a guest poster this time. It's Miss Courtney herself! She's going to tell you about the other project she made with Auntie Jess last week. Take it away, Courtney!

Hi everyone, it's Courtney ( as you know )!

Two years ago I went to see Auntie Jess and of course you can't forget Uncle Alex. :) We had an idea for a project. First we made a little house. P.S I will talk about the name later in case if you are wondering.

We had fun decorating this cute little house!

Here is the inside, with three beds, a dresser, a window with a curtain, pics on the walls and you just can't lock the keys in your house. LOL!

We made these cute PomPom Puppies that live in the house and sleep in the beds.

Here's a better look at them. Their names are Frankie, Angel, and Princess.

When Auntie Jess was here last week we made another PomPom Puppy..... except this is a PomPom Kitty! We designed it to look like my kitty Zoey. In these pics I am cutting the yarn.

Now Zoey's head is getting a yarn cut. P.S Auntie Jess is doing the butt. LOL! :)

Here are pics of the finished PomPom Kitty (Zoey).

Thank You for reading my blog post! Make sure to leave a comment! Have a great day! BYE!


Jessica Jones said...

This was an excellent report. I enjoyed it very much. And I had fun trimming a cat butt.

Geneviève Thiffault said...

Hi there!

I'm glad you got to write your first blog post, nice work!

This project seemed like a lot of fun. :) The pompoms pets are super cute! You definitely had quite a crafty week with Jess and Grandma. I hope we'll get to see more of your creative projects (I especially liked your emoji pillows!).

annie dee said...

Hi Miss C.
Great post. I love the little house. Have your cats tried to get inside? My two cars would but the one, Jack, would get stuck! He's too big to fit!
Thanks for telling us about your project! What's next?

annie dee said...

Whoops "cats" not cars!! LO

Kris Quilts said...

Good job on your first blog post, Courtney! You'll have to teach me how to blog. I just love our pompom pets. What a fun and creative idea!

Grace said...

Hi Courtney, I love you very first blog post. You are a great guest blogger. The little house is so cute. Love the fancy trim on the roof. Your yarn pets are adorable. Can you teach me how you make them? Hope you can guest blog again.
G-PA & G-MA 💙

Doug said...

Hi Courtney,
You are a very good story writer. I like the little house you and Auntie Jess made. Does it have heat & air conditioning? Maybe you can bring it over sometime and show me your cute little pets. You can give them a ride in the Ranger.
Grandpa H.

Kim said...

Great job with your first Blog Post Courtney! It was very exciting to read and I love your pom pom puppies and Kitty. Very creative.
Love you!
Auntie Kim

Megumi said...

Hello, Courtney, I'm your Antie's friend in Japan. I always love doing projects with Jess, but we are away for most of our life time, so I envy you!!! Someday I'd like to visit you and your grandma, with Jess of course, and let's do some fun projects together! Your big fan, Megumi:)

Grandma G said...

Well, folks, Courtney and I are perplexed! She responded to some of your comments, and I even got the email confirming it, but it seems to have disappeared. So I dug it out of my email, and here's what she said:

"Hi everyone it's Courtney! Thanks for all the awesome comments!:)
I am excited to hopefully do an another blog post some time!:) "

Now we'll let her comment again:

Thank you thank you thank you!😜 Your comments made my day! Thanks again😜😜😜!!!!