Sunday, September 4, 2016

Crafting with Courtney

The ol' blog got neglected again... but for a good reason! Jess (a.k.a. How About Orange, a.k.a. Auntie Jess) was home for a few days - hurray! It was a busy time that went by WAY TOO FAST.

Of course Miss Courtney came over to spend some time with her auntie, and of course that meant 'projects'! Here's a photo of part of the process. Can you guess what they're looking at so intently in the oven?

If you guessed anything food-related, you're WRONG. But if your guess was Shrinky Dinks, then pat yourself on the back, because you're ever so right. They were watching their very first one shrink. It was a test to see how much it would actually shrink. Here it is, next to a couple of bigger objects for comparison.

Pretty little, huh?

With that in mind, they went to work drawing more. YouTube videos were very helpful. Toast and coffee helped, too. (Also notice - no cats on the table! Not that they didn't try. Ha.)

With a tray of tiny Shrinkies in the oven and men in the house, this became the scene.

Here is the result of three separate sessions of Shrinky Dink designing.

Can't forget the obligatory signature 'eye' photo!

But we did almost forget two of the tiniest Shrinkies. See them below? Look for strawberries. They're actually about ¼ inch high!

I uploaded the photo immediately above in a larger size, so if you want to see all the details better, just click on it. I think they're pretty awesome! Courtney's daddy was pretty proud of his work, too... he even drew his Big Red (that's its name) tractor all by himself, plus he crosshatched the ears of the puppy at the bottom right. Way to go, Daddy... and Courtney and Jess, too! (Grandma and Grandpa did not make any.)

You can also see the little jump rings on most of them. They will be charms for a bracelet, but we didn't have time to get them onto it before we left to go out for yummy supper. Hopefully Courtney will be wearing the bracelet with some of the charms on it when she comes here after her first day of school on Tuesday. (Where did the summer go?!!!)

Jess and I didn't really have time for any sewing projects while she was here, but we did pick out fabrics for three bags. So if I disappear again, that's what I'm working on. Hopefully I'll get the next installment of "For Women Only" written soon, though. So much to do... so pokey I am in my old age! ;-)

Oh, and there's one more Courtney-craft project that happened with Auntie Jess. It was fun, but the Shrinky Dinks were by far the biggest hit. Do you suppose I could get Miss C to write the post about the other project herself???


Jenny said...

My first guess was totally correct! i saw the first picture and thought "looks like shrinks-dinks"! I have always loved them! Courtney and her fellow artists did a wonderful job. I see her favorite emoji made the cut. And are some of these designs shopkins inspired? (Since I have boys, I'm not really that knowledgeable about the specific characters, but I do know they are often food(?) with faces).

annie dee said...

The photo of everyone watching the oven made me laugh out loud! Can't wait to see the finished projects- bracelet and "fwo" and purses.
Yes, Miss C! Tell us yourself!!

Geneviève Thiffault said...

They remind me of Shopkins too... It's either that or Courtney really looooves sweet things. ;P The little enveloppe is really lovely too. Also, thumbs up for Daddy!

I really like the idea of Courtney posting her project, I hope she'll want to try.

By the way, the posting frequence is totally fine, it's just your new posting schedule right? ;)

Megumi said...

My favorite is the square one with her name! I've seen many people do this pronunciation within the last two months around me, so I'm wondering it's a world-wide trend now?

Megumi said...

Oops, project, not pronunciation... Excuse me.

Grandma G said...

Thank you, everyone! Courtney appreciated the comments, too. :)

Jenny... Yes, her favorite emoji was there! :) She did bring her Shopkins along to use for inspiration, but they didn't get time to use them.

Annie Dee... I did get bracelet pics today, but will have to show you later. Courtney was too busy writing her guest post! ;)

Geneviève... Courtney mainly loves tiny things! ;) The little envelope thing was a surprise that Jess made for C. Umm... yes... my new schedule. Right! :)

Megumi... Shrinky Dinks do seem to have made a big surge in popularity lately! I don't know if it's world-wide or not - maybe! :)