Thursday, August 3, 2017

Geranium Top #2

Finally! After a postponement from last spring to this past July, Jess's Spring Quartet fabric for Cloud9 Fabrics has been released for sale! I just had to make another top from the Geranium Dress pattern (see the first one here) because I think the pink Bartlet babywale corduroy is just perfect for that (and because we just happen to have a new grandniece that I could sew it for). Here it is:

It's again the 6-12 month size, so unfortunately the tiny model cannot wear it yet and pose for you. The good news is that I got to use my new KAMsnaps pliers to put in the snaps on the back - yay!

This corduroy is very fine and soft, not heavy at all, so I think it'd be just fine for summer wear in case you happen to have a baby you want to sew for right away... or if you want to make something for yourself. Check out the Cloud9 page for inspiration. It's even been made into a quilt, which I think would be so soft and luxurious! Mmmm!


annie dee said...

Oh. My. Goodness. This pattern is even cuter in this pink fabric! I love it! And the pink snaps? Perfect! <3

Grandma G said...

Thanks, Annie Dee! ❤️

Geneviève said...

Do I even need to say it again after gushing so much on IG about this dress? This is the most adorable piece of clothing! That fabric could make any pattern turn into something amazing, maybe even the poorly written ones. ;)

Grandma G said...

Thanks, Gen... you can gush all you want! LOL