Saturday, June 29, 2019

Benjamin Dopp Kit

I love quick, easy projects that use up scraps. This time I almost finished up my last bits of waxed canvas (same as I used for the Dayna Pack in my last post). I still have about a 10" square piece left for 'something'. It's so nice to sew with, and I just may have to get some more sometime.

I made a Benjamin Dopp Kit. It's from a free tutorial by Red Rabbit Mercantile, and it can be found here. It makes a nice little masculine shaving kit or possibly a cosmetic bag in prettier colors. This one was for Grandpa, and it's made its first trip already - to Texas!

I added a strap that was also left over from a previous project, and then I added purse feet... mainly just for fun, because I could. :)

I use some ripstop nylon for the lining but failed to take a picture of it. Imagine it black. :)

So there ya have it. Done in a day! Yay!

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