Monday, December 29, 2008

The Bilibo

Finally Courtney got to open a gift for herself!

At first look she thought it was a ball.

It's a Bilibo! I discovered one on a website somewhere and thought it looked interesting, and the reviews were really good. I haven't heard if she's doing much with it at home yet or not.


grace said...

Cool--I have never heard of a Bilibo. What is it's country of origin? I thought it was gonna be a snow sled. Is it for exercise? Do them come in grandma butt sizes? After all the fudge and cut out sugar cookies I have consumed--I could use the exercise. Grace

Grandma G said...

It was designed in Switzerland. It could be used for a sled... or a lot of other things... exercise included. There's a cute video here showing kids playing with it.

As far as grandma butt sizes... you might be out of luck. ;-(

Kris said...

My girls both thought it was a sled. I've heard of them, but thought the big one was littler and the little ones were bigger. (I know that doesn't make sense) Jaime announced that she wants one. I think we'll wait for her to get some use out of her christmas presents before we bring more 'stuff' into the house.

Grandma G said...

Maybe Courtney will share with Jaime next time she comes down. Gee, that'll probably be about Feb. 1st, huh? Can't believe she's almost 2 already!