Monday, December 1, 2008

Enough suspense?

Here's the answer. I think. At least, that's all I could see. I actually saw 6 without the camera, but I think I only caught these 5 in the photo. They were running, and I grabbed the camera so fast it's amazing it's focused at all. And then the flash went off, reflecting on the window. So after snapping that, I got it all focused on where I thought they'd come out, for a better shot, but alas, they continued on straight west and I never saw them again. Oh well.... It made for a little guessing fun, anyway.

(Click to enlarge.)

Nice goin', Kim! You were right to look for the white tails. Too bad I don't have another prize for you. Unless you'd like another print... of that blurry photo. Would you like the arrows in it or not? ;-)


Grace said...

We totally missed the deer under the fifth arrow-- closest to the tree trunk. But we did imagine a couple others that were not there in the camouflage of dried leaves and branches. Way to go Kim.

Grandma G said...

Maybe they really WERE there, though! :-)

kim said...

Thanks Candy.. No, I don't need another prize. It was just fun guessing.