Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Birthday to someone...

... who's having a BIG one today! You know who you are. :-) Enjoy the "frosty winter photos" from the cozy warmth of your home.

Those were all on my living room windows. I don't know... some of those frosty little swirls look a lot like germy bugs to me!

The photo below was taken just before sunset last night. I think they were the brightest sundogs I've ever seen. I almost needed a wide-angle lens to get them both in there.

(Click photos to enlarge.)


Kim said...

kinda pretty.. but ahh.. Burrrrr

Anonymous said...

Those are most interesting frost formations I've ever seen.
I recently saw the brightest sundogs I've ever seen about 2 weeks ago.
They seem to form best when it's colder than __ll and there's a little snow in the air.
Cool pics. Literally.


grace said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes. Was so busy yesterday I did not even get at the computer.
We had a blast with 18 over night both Sat and Sun night. One giant slumber party and a good time was had by all. Sorry two son-in-laws were unable to be here for the duration.

I love the interesting jack frost creations. I think you should sumbit the designs to a jeweler who could fashion, earings, necklaces and pins from fine gold wire and precious jewels. They would be better than any by Tiffany etc. I must get at my Christmas cards I have delayed that task until we were finished with the family get together.Merry Christmas to you and your family.

XUE said...

Christmas greetings from Tokyo! We haven't had snow in the city (yet!). Didn't see frost here last year either. Used to live in NYC where there is frost even in the city so I do enjoy seeing these pretty frost "bugs" of yours!