Friday, April 17, 2009

Grandma has such great toys

Back to last week Tuesday.... Courtney had gone out to the entry, and I heard her busy with something. I figured she was probably picking up bits of cat food and putting them back in the bowls, as she likes to do (nice to have somebody pick up after my messy cats). But when I went to look, here's what I found.

She was working pretty hard.

(Note her baby lying in the background unattended... a rare happening!)

Eeuww... they were wet and a bit muddy, too.

But Grandma's boots have ZIPPERS! How fun is that!

(Unfortunately for Courtney, the zippers zip pretty hard, and she didn't have any success in getting them up. It was sure fun trying, though!)

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Anonymous said...

My word for today.
I think it applies to the middle picture with the very pretty face framed between the boot bottoms.