Sunday, April 12, 2009

Here we are

Well, I had a tough time getting a pic of her dress, because she hunted up a "baby" right after I got there, and she wasn't about to put her down. ;-) And she was so tired after we ate, that she actually asked to go night-night, so no photos of the dress then, either. But I did manage to get some cute shots, anyway.

I don't know what was so funny here...

But it musta been a good one!

She looks just like her daddy, doesn't she? Well, that's debatable... ;-)

Here's how tired she was.

But at least you can see more of the dress (which turned out to not be quite 'new' - thanks for sharing, Jenna and Jaime!). ;-)


grace said...

How adorable! Two little dollys both so pretty in their
Easter Dresses.

I remember Jenna and Jaime were just as cute in that dress.
Note the cute little white shoes also shared by all three cousins.

Thanks Kris and Rob.

Suzi said...

Thanks Kris for all of the cute clothes. I wish I would have looked through the 3T's before mom and I went shopping.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the cute and happy photos.
Looks like it was a happy Easter.