Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Currently blooming

In the wildflower bed.

And my moss roses.


Grace said...

Hi From the other G-Pa and G-Ma. Having just returned from 14 days in Alaska we were dying to catch-up on all the blog enteries we missed. Your garden produce and flowers look great but the granddaughter is the fix we have been needing. It is just amazing the dexterity a two year old has in those tiny fingers. We just can't wait to see all our grandchildren again and me thinks Courtney will be the first we see since she is geographically the closest to us. But for now have two weeks of mowing and flower care to attend to. Great blog entries and how pretty your flowers are. Later

Grandma G said...

Hi, Grace... welcome home! Hope you had a wonderful trip! I enjoyed Courtney on 'your' days. But hopefully she's with you now (or very soon) so you can get your own "tiss/huds".

Send me a couple Alaska photos!

Auntie Kris said...

Your moss roses are beautiful. I think I'll plant more next year. They really are maintenence free and so beautiful.
Thanks for all the great ideas.