Saturday, August 15, 2009

I had company today!

Mama kitty brought the babies up to the house for a visit!

They're hardly "babies" anymore! (When Courtney and I go out to look for them and they're not there, Courtney calls them "stinkers". Gee, I wonder where she heard that word. Note to Grandma: be careful what you say these days, as it could come back to haunt you!)

My taming efforts have paid off. I can pet them all (except Mama, but I did manage to touch her once, as she'll come to eat when I'm standing right there... much progress there, too) and even pick up the black one and the mostly-orange one... so I declare them officially 'tame'. Now that they've made it to the house, they'll soon officially become 'pests'. But Courtney will love it. ;-)

Mama kitty wasn't too far away during the movie-making above.

She wouldn't be so odd-looking if it weren't for the light-colored hair on her chin.

Even though Mama appeared as a stray, I'm hereby declaring them all 'mine'. :-)


Anonymous said...

It's great to see your cat enterprise flourishing.
It's fun see how you've won them over.

Yes, they will be pests.

Later, Dale

Grace said...

Cute little family you have there. Two of our mamas have recently presented their babies to us at the front step. They have so farbeen to quick to catch. Suzi did touch one last night but they are a long way from tame. I may need your patients to help tame ours down.

Grandma G said...

My "cat enterprise" isn't gonna flourish much more, tho, Dale... unless Mama has another batch. All her kids are toms. :-(

Grace, I don't quite know how to give you patience. :-) Maybe Courtney will help you tame them. She knows how to be quiet and still around kittens... until she gets too excited, anyway. ;-)

Auntie Kris said...

We love the new kittens, too. But here in town, pets are much too expensive. Cats are great until you have to pay for all the vaccines and the surgeries that keep your furniture and carpets safe.
Wish we could have some outdoor pets.

Becky said...

So darlin they are! Bring 'em down here to NC if they get to be too pesty ;)