Monday, August 31, 2009

They're back!

I took this about a half hour ago. I hadn't seen many hummers yet this year, and when I did, it was usually only one or two a day, and then they'd be gone. The last couple days there'd been a few more, and this morning there were lots. I watched for a break in the feeding, and then I quickly washed and refilled the feeder, which was getting emptied down. Within a couple minutes, it was like this out there.

Now if only they'd learn to share instead of wasting time fighting about whose feeder is it, they'd end up getting a lot more to eat! It's kinda funny... if they happen to land on opposite sides of the feeder so they can't see each other, they get along fine. :-)

They seem to be late coming through this year. I hope that means that winter, and particularly frost, is going to be later, too!

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