Friday, September 4, 2009

Kitten massage

Courtney was delighted that the kittens were all there when we went out to feed them last week Tuesday morning.


And they're all tame enough to pet now. (Especially if they're very hungry.)


I wonder how they liked that back-and-forth massage. ;-)


Auntie Kris said...

I love that you can understand just about everything she says... And that she speaks in sentences now.

Grandma G said...

I love it, too! It just amazes me how fast she's "grown up". The chatter is nonstop, and I get a "Why?" every now and then, too. :-)

grace said...

She really comes by her love of kittys from both sides of her family. Now all she needs is a little puppy following her around.

Grandma G said...

Yeah, but you keep the puppy at YOUR place! :-D

Bonnie said...

So cute - amazing how tame they have gotten. Our neighbor has a cat with no tail - she comes to our garden to sample the catnip.

Grandma G said...

Yep, very tame... once I get to the machine shed door, I can hardly walk to the feeding pan with them wrapping around my ankles. :-) I'm still working on the mama, though. She comes close, but is still pretty wary.