Thursday, September 17, 2009

Watermelon update

My New Queen watermelons, though few in number (due, I discovered too late, to something going along and eating all the blossoms off the vines... gopher? woodchuck? rabbit?), have been DELICIOUS! Think crisp, juicy, and sweet!

I ate this one... yes, the whole thing... for lunch today. :-) It was tiny and had lain in the garden so long, as I waited for it to grow more which it didn't do, that I didn't really think it'd be any good. But it was yummy!

Note in this first photo that this is not a full-size dinner plate.

Here's a better idea of its size!

Yep, I highly recommend this kind of watermelon. They're early to ripen, which is nice, and look at that rind... hardly anything there!

And of course to Jess I'd recommend them for the color. ;-)


Doug and Grace said...

Yummy, Makes me wish I had planted melons instead of Pumpkins and gords.But they are nothing to brag about either. Not the right touch-my guess.

Grandma G said...

Not the right 'weather', you mean! What a strange summer it's been, huh? And can you ever remember a time when we've been so WINDless as these last couple weeks? Are we really still in MN?!