Thursday, December 29, 2011

A pre-Christmas project

Time to get back into blogging mode, I guess, although in all honesty I've enjoyed the break and it's tempting to wait till after the New Year begins before I start up again.  But.... my photos await!  I haven't really taken a lot of them, and these are actually the only ones I took during our Christmas Eve celebration here.  I had the camera right next to me, but it was a little too dark in our living room for much photo-taking.  At least that's my excuse.
One of the projects I worked on before Christmas was a photo book for Courtney.  Yeah, they weren't all sewing projects!  I'd gotten a great Groupon deal a few months ago, and I knew this was what I wanted to use it for.  (BTW, if you're interested in signing up for Groupon deals, let me know so I can refer you and get some $$ credit myself!)  It took a number of hours to complete, but I was very happy with the result... and I think Courtney was, too.  Here's the front of the book (click any photo to enlarge):

And the back:

And some studying of the pages: 

I'd intended to take a few pics of the individual pages before I wrapped it, but unfortunately I forgot. I'm hoping Courtney/Mommy will remember to bring it back sometime soon so I can do that. And the good news is that now I can take even better pictures! More on that in a future post! ;)

It was a fun project to do, and I've decided that photo books are a great way to store photos (that I never seem to get around to printing these days). I've already bought another Groupon deal for one, so I have another project to work on sometime soon!

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