Monday, April 23, 2012

One maple tree [and two(+) cats]

It was so pretty outside on Friday, and I love the contrast of the new leaves against the blue sky, so of course I had to take some photos. Click to enlarge the collage and just enjoy the beauty of the different shots from just one tree.

I noticed that there had also been a little frost damage from a really cold night we had recently, but it was minimal.

On another note, I realize I haven't mentioned my outside cats for a while. Here are a couple of them as seen outside our back door last evening. Sorry for the poor quality of the photo... I had to take it through the kitchen screen so as to not disturb their cozy pose.

A few minutes later, they appeared like this. Enough was enough, I guess.

I'm SURE you who have followed my blog for any length of time are wondering if there are any new babies around yet this spring. (And some of you are thinking, "Oh, no... here we go again.") There ARE!! Mama had babies born Easter Sunday or so, Patches had hers last Friday, and Scamp (new first-time mom) had hers just last night.

Unfortunately, I have NO pictures of them to show you! Pretty sad, huh? I don't know where the first two litters are, and Scamp's are in a place that I simply cannot get the camera into. I did find them last night, though, as she was having them. One had "wandered away" from her, very warm yet and placenta still attached, and was crying loudly. I managed to get it back to Scamp where it was cared for with the others. A peek this morning when Scamp was out eating showed 4 or 5 babies, but they didn't like being abandoned when their mama went out for breakfast, and they were crying, so she grabbed a few bites and quickly returned to them. I was happy to see that she is going to be a good mother, since this is her first time around.

Patches and Mama are always around, so I figure their babies are nearby somewhere. Maybe Courtney and I will have to go hunting tomorrow! I will show you pics when I can get some!


Anonymous said...

Your pictures show just how close old mother nature came to blackening all the leaves.

Sounds like you'll have no cat shortage.

Loved your leaf/sky photos.


The Luedtke Family said...

It's the yearly kitten temptation! Every spring, I adore your kittens.

annie dee said...

Oh good! 3 litters of kittens that I can enjoy vicariously! Can't wait for pics of cute fuzz balls with the sticky uppie tails tottering around.

Grandma G said...

Thanks, Dale!

Definitely no cat shortage. If only it would stop at 3 litters! I have one more that's obviously pregnant, another that's I-think-so, plus 4 more potentials. *sigh* I'll gladly share with any of you kitten lovers out there! ;)