Thursday, December 11, 2014

Ya gotta feel for 'em

Rushed time of year. Temporary drivers. Temporary trucks.

This is what showed up at our place about 10:30 a.m. yesterday:

It was UPS. Not our regular driver. The guy spent about 10 minutes sorting through stuff. Finally he brought a medium-size package into our garage. Then he brought it out with him again. He searched through boxes for another 5 minutes or so, like he was trying to find something. Then he grabbed a couple other packages and brought them into the garage... and left them. He searched some more, looking frustrated and talking to someone on his bluetooth headset. Then he grabbed up the first package again, closed the truck, got into the cab with the package and drove off hurriedly. I went out to see what he'd left me... and thankfully, they were the packages I was expecting. Hopefully the poor guy got things figured out and had a better rest-of-the day!

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