Friday, November 9, 2007

Oh, deer!

It's now deer hunting season around here, which reminded me of some photos I took last July at my son's place. They're not very clear, because I took them from quite a distance and really should have had a tripod (somehow I didn't think the deer would stand there long enough for me to run home and get it ;-) ), but I was just glad I happened to have the camera along in the first place (to take more pics of Courtney, of course).

If you look closely, you can see she has a scar at the base of her neck... perhaps an old hunting wound? She is also very thin.... you can see her ribs as she's standing there.
I wish I could get pics of the deer that come through our yard. They made themselves right at home in my garden, eating everything from beet tops to tomatoes! Since it was at the end of the gardening season, though, I didn't care much. They've been pretty brave, too, as I've seen droppings about 10 feet out in front of our house. Hopefully by the time hunting season is over, they'll have been thinned out a little. Yes, I think they're beautiful, and I love to watch them, but they can also be very big pests.

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