Sunday, November 18, 2007

Poll Results

The results for the last poll "What's your favorite time of year?" are:

  • Spring (1 vote) 12½%
  • Summer (1 vote) 12½%
  • Autumn (5 votes) 62½%
  • Winter (1 vote) 12½%

My favorite time of year has always been autumn. I love the colors, the drier air, and even the smells (well, except for when the farmers are emptying their lagoons)! The last few years have been marred, though, by the Asian beetles and no-see-ums which make going outdoors much less pleasant. But once the weather has cooled down enough to get rid of them, it's great out there again! And it means that the outdoor work is winding down for a little bit less busy time of year.

Thanks to everyone who voted! EVERYONE is welcome to vote! It only takes a second, and it's just for fun!

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