Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Anyone for a bath?

Look what I bought last week! It's a birdbath. It fastens to the deck railing, and you can tilt it up to empty the water and clean it. I got it from Amazon. I really wanted to get a pedestal one that has the fountain that's solar-powered, but I couldn't figure out a good place to put it where I could easily take photos of it being used (and where heifers running wild in the middle of the night wouldn't destroy it!). So I opted for the deck one (which also was a lot cheaper).

I just hope the birds find it and make use of it. I put it up Saturday, and so far I haven't seen it being used, but yesterday morning I did notice a sparrow sitting next to it, so possibly he'd had a drink before I got there.

As you can see, Willow is anxiously waiting for some nice little birdie to take a bath, too. Just so she doesn't prevent them from coming!

Note that the grass is finally turning somewhat green... but the trees are still totally bare.

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