Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Back from the windy city

We spent the last few days with Jess and Alex in Chicago. Was it windy? Yes! (But not as WINDY as it's been here today!) It was also chilly... well... cold, really... for this time of year. (But not as cold as it was here while we were gone!) And the precip came down. (But not the huge dump of WHITE stuff that came down here while we were gone!) Although we drove in rain all the way there, we were lucky that it only kind of misted/sprinkled on us while we were out and about with J&A. Not so bad.

We got to stay in the now-famous Condo! Of course, we've been there before... and actually helped paint it 3 years ago. It was lovely, like the photos on Apartment Therapy, but it had a more lived-in look. Yep, it's a real 'home'... not just a showplace. ;-)

As a photographer, I failed. I didn't have my camera along on our first day out, when the sky was only partly cloudy and we were downtown amongst the skyscrapers and city sights. Bummer. The next day it was kind of dark and wet and not conducive to getting good photos. We did stop on Sunday afternoon for the sole purpose of getting this pic of Jess 'n Alex in front of Lake Michigan....

...and this one of the downtown skyline. (They were supposed to be in the same photo, but that one didn't turn out as good as these.) As you can see, it was windy, with some whitecaps on the lake, and we were all shivering, so we didn't stay there any longer than just to do the photo shoot.

I took the rest of these photos on our way out of the city Monday morning. (Sure, blue sky then!) No, not a UFO in this first pic of Evanston... just something on the windshield that I didn't notice till after I took the picture.

I don't know if this is someone's home or what it is, but it's quite a building. Evanston has many awesome vintage houses.

The building in this last photo is apparently all condos, since that's what the red sign at the top is advertising. How would you like to live there?

Nope, not me! I love my wide-open spaces, lack of traffic problems, and QUIET! :-) Like they say, it's a nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there (even though we did live there for 5 months many years ago). There's always plenty to do there, and we did some fun stuff... Board of Trade, Historical Museum, shopping, yummy eating out, etc. But the best part for me was just being with Jess 'n Alex, visiting and catching up on stuff. I miss them already!

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megan's mom said...

I just visited Chicago vicariously through you! Must agree that Evanston has so many lovely homes that I would love to tour. But the best part of visiting there is definitely spending time w/our special people.