Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Bye bye!

And on that sad (but ever so cute!) little note, I shall say 'bye bye' to all of you viewers for a few days, too, as I'm taking some time off from blogging. Feel free to play reruns of the old movies as many times as you want while I'm gone! ;-)


Anonymous said...

OooH, that is so sweet. I just love how she waves with that tiny little movement of her fingers. I will be lost with our your blog to tune into. I will for sure be watching some of the reruns. The ice balls have started to fall and I am bumbed. I needed your blog to brighten the day. Thanks you will be missed more than the TV writers strike!Have some relaxing time off. Grace

Grandma G said...

It's nice to know I was missed! :-)

Yeah, that little wave was so cute. BUT... did you know there's a new wave now? A REAL one? She was waving the whole arm yesterday! Oh, she's changing and growing up so fast!