Monday, April 28, 2008

Something different

A friend of Jess's started a blog last November, called PlumPudding. She's recently been posting a lot of fun ideas of things for young kids to do/make. One of the latest included an experiment on capillary action in celery. See the instructions here.

I thought it was such a neat idea, and so quick and easy to do, that I just couldn't resist trying it myself (since I'm just a kid at heart, anyway) when I was using some celery in a recipe the other day. Here are photos of my results. The blue on the leaves has gotten even darker since I took these pics. So pretty!

Check out Megan's blog if you have youngsters that need "something to do"! I can't wait till Courtney gets a little bit older so we can try some of those things! Megan also posts some yummy recipes, craft ideas and other things, too.

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Megan said...

I was hoping to see pics of your celery. The darker blue worked so well, looks pretty!