Saturday, January 10, 2009

From the frozen tundra

Okay... from the back yard. I almost decided to name this post "Not Courtney", since she's kinda been the main subject for quite awhile. Not much else to take pics of these days. But hey, she and her antics seem to be most people's favorite subject, anyway. :-)

These pics aren't very clear, because they were taken through plastic on the window. It was also snowing. But at least there's some wildlife out there literally "makin' tracks".

I like the way his front feet are off the ground in the last photo.


Anonymous said...

What an adorable photo!! Love your blog too!! (and of course the beautiful granddaughter. :) Great photos!

Grandma G said...

Thanks! Nice to have you stop by!

Alex said...

Cool what's his name?

Grandma G said...

As far as I know, he doesn't have a name yet, Alex. What would you suggest? ("Peter" has already been taken, BTW.)

Grandma G said...

P.S. Keep in mind, Alex, that "he" might be a "she". Kinda hard to tell from the photo. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Cute, but I think PT or TK would be good monikers. (that's my word for today). (I'm not even sure I'm spelling it right).
PT for potential trouble.
TK for tree killer.

My moniker?: Dale