Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Being TWO

"I guess Grandma means business when I won't leave the straw in my drink box... and throw my food on the floor... and spit at her."

Yep, we do have our moments. And we had quite a few of them yesterday. ;-)

Still dang cute, even when she's pouting, isn't she?


Jess said...

Ha ha ha! That's the best pout I ever saw.

grace said...

Wow!! Where did she learn that From?

I agree with Jess, that has got to be the best 2yr pout ever. I've seen it in teenagers BUT---
What's up with that defiant little cross of the feet and posing them on the table. Me thinks's it is time for a nap.

Kim said...

Cute.. But NOT funny at all... little miss attitude. Don't ya just love the TWO's! This too shall pass. (i hope) I've got a 2 yr old and one not far behind. It BETTER pass!

Grandma G said...

Grace, this was AFTER her nap! Trouble is, the nap was only an hour, and she needed a LOT longer one than that.

She also left the house screaming because Mommy didn't have all night to wait for her to put her coat on BY HERSELF, so we wrestled it onto her. And rumor has it that the rest of her evening wasn't any better. I believe the word "MONSTER" was used. ;-) Grace, you'd better hope she catches up on some sleep before she gets to your place tomorrow!

Kim... you have my sympathy!!! ;-)

Auntie Kris said...

Yikes! Sounds like she had a little touch of the terrible twos. (I don't miss that at all.)

Grandma G said...

"A little touch"??? You mean it could get WORSE?!?! ;-)