Sunday, March 8, 2009

Daycare activities

We haven't visited Courtney's daycare service in a while. Let's peek in and see what she's teaching the kids today.

Mary's little lamb must've followed her to daycare that day. Bet he won't do that again! See why in this 2nd video clip.

There seemed to be a shortage of blankets that day, so they had to take turns.


Sheila-Army Wife said...

looks like we have a little one in also have a grand daughter I share blogspot.
But I actually wanted to know about Do you still participate? How to you rate it? I just signed up and I don't wanna waste my time if it's not worth it.
Nice blog BTW..=)

Sheila-Army Wife said...

oh yeah, do you want to link exchange?

live a colorful life said...

Love Courtney's videos--definitely the best "reality TV." Don't you just love children with their own strong ideas and wills? Like Mark always says, "I'd rather say 'whoa' than 'giddy-up.'"