Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring colors

As I was driving to town the other day, I couldn't help thinking that right now is the absolute dreariest time of year! EVERYTHING is brown. The snow is gone... nothing's turning green yet. It's just plain 'blah'.

I'm really glad I have something pretty to work on in the house. Here are a couple of the latest buckets I've made from Jess's 'Peapod' fabric. (I don't know why the lining looks so drab in the photos... it's actually a brighter, "lime-ier" green, more like the green in the print.)

I also finished another bag out of the same fabric. Much more refreshing colors than looking out the windows.

The above and more are all headed to Jess's later today for the Etsy shop.

Speaking of spring colors, Jess has some new fabrics that should be available very soon. (There's even a "Candy" colorway. Ha!) Check 'em out! If you see any print or color combinations you might like a bag or bucket out of, let me know. I'll be getting a shipment once they're printed. I can't wait to get started making things from them!

BTW, happy first day of spring! Let's hope it's here to stay and that things turn green fast!

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