Friday, March 6, 2009

Still earning stickers...............

Only 4 of them on Tuesday, though. ;-) And she knows where Grandma keeps her stash.

And if Grandma doesn't hurry emptying the potty, etc., Little Miss Courtney helps herself.

She's quite a slow decision-maker once she gets at the stickers, though. Starts peeling off one... nope, not that one... peels another one off... nope, not that one... puts it back... thinks some more... peels off another... nope, not that one. At this point Grandma is tired of being patient and makes Courtney take the last one she peeled off. Then we have another one of "those moments".

Any suggestions for weaning a 2-yr.-old off sticker awards??? ;-)


Auntie Kris said...

I used to cut them apart, then give them 2 or 3 to choose from. Or cut them into strips of 2 or 3. She'll still get to choose, but choosing from 20 can be overwhelming for a 2 year old.

Grandma G said...

Great idea, Kris... thanks!

Hmmm... I wonder how mad she'll get when she only gets a choice of 2 or 3. ;-)

I think I may have to move the storage location of the stickers, too, for some reason.