Thursday, January 27, 2011

The first of two firsts

Courtney's had a couple of firsts this month. The first first was a haircut. That was a couple weeks ago, but I only got around to asking Mommy for the pics to share last night (after she'd sent me pics of the second first). And I know a lot of you have seen these pics already, but not everybody, plus I just thought they should be blogged (so when Courtney is old and wants to see the story of her life online, it'll all be here ;-) ).

Here's the 'before' shot. Her hair had been in braids. It's naturally curly, but not kinky! :-) Look how long it was!

So here it goes.... Is that an unsure look on her face?

Getting there.....

I love this next one! "YIKES! What have you done?!", perhaps?

And the adorable 'after' (she melts my heart!):

There's still some curl there, but it takes some 'doing' to get it to show up.

Sooooooo pretty!!! (It was sad to see the length go, but at least Mommy still has it!)

It's been pretty straight whenever I've seen it, but that is due in part to winter hats. Although they're definitely a necessity, they do not do anybody's hair style any good!

Come back tomorrow to see Courtney's second first!

(Thanks, Mommy, for the photos!)


The Luedtke Family said...

Hats in the winter time are ABSOLUTELY NO GOOD for lil' girls. My own curly girly looks like a ragamuffin once the hat is pulled off of the head.

The Luedtke Family said...

Very cute cut!