Monday, January 3, 2011

"Oh, dear..."

Courtney helped us all get the goodies out of our stockings on Christmas Eve. When she pulled out what was in the bottom of Daddy's, however, it sorta came apart. The inner box slipped out of the outer part, and all the contents went on the floor. Courtney's "Oh, dear" was so cute.

She tried her best to pick them up and replace them in the box....

(Did you notice that adorable cupcake hat with the cherry on top?)

.... but they kept slipping back to the floor.

It was finally decided that a different container was in order, and we scooped them up, put them away, and went on with the evening.

On that note, we'll end the Christmas photos (because I don't have any more). Later this week, I'll have a surprise for you. Yeah, for YOU! Well, one of you, anyway. Do check back!


live a colorful life said...

I LOVE that cupcake hat!!

JHRME said...

Im with Cindy! Love the cupcake hat!
Also, good stocking stuffer idea for those boys who love their toys. I dont know why I didnt think of that.

Grandma G said...

That Santa has pretty good ideas, all right! ;)