Thursday, March 3, 2011

New life

I finally brought my amaryllises out a couple weeks ago. I did it later than usual, because I didn't really have a place to put them (that was safe from Josie, at least) where they'd get much sunlight until recently. Not to mention that we haven't had much sunshine this winter! But finally the snow melted down enough in front of my sewing room window that I could set them there. (Yeah, it's been kinda like a cave in there most of the winter. Not too inspiring for sewing.) They're doing nicely, and since I took this pic on Monday, each one has sprouted a flower stalk.

Did you notice the one on the left has a youngster? Yep, she produced it last year. I doubt that the baby will bloom this year, though. I think it takes a couple years or more.

What's that you say? There's still an awful lot of snow in front of my window? Yeah, you've got that right. *sigh* And we're supposed to get more next week. Ack. At least I have something green and growing to watch.

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