Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Now that the days have gotten warmer, the cats have been making their way to the house again. It's been nice seeing them out and about after such a long, miserable winter. I happened to have the camera outside a few days ago when Mama (Josie's mother) was out by the garage. She graciously posed for a very nice picture. Someday maybe she'll even let me pet her when she's by the house. I can pet her anytime inside the machine shed, but that's all. It's a major improvement, though, considering that she was very fearful and I couldn't even get anywhere near her when she first arrived here a few years ago!

She's so pretty, and is a great cat... a good mother and hunter. She actually has a very slim face, but the black on her neck makes her head look round. :)

Here's Mama with the rest of my crew:

I did lose a couple over the winter. Skinny Minnie and Blackie were just too much 'loners' and wouldn't snuggle up to the others for warmth. The rest are in great shape, though... not even so much as a frost-nipped ear.

Since there remain 5 females, I suspect we'll be having LOTS of kittens to play with and show you this summer. Oh, dear..... ;)


Anonymous said...

Mama looks like she has no eyes.

Yes, it could be a very cat prolific year.
I bet there's been a little tomcat action around there lately.

It's good you caught those pics on a nice day. Today is a not so nice day.


It's certainly not something to singste about.

Grandma G said...

Tomcats for sure. And poor Tuffy the Mouse Eater is learning how hard life can be as the resident tom. :(

Today isn't so bad right here. Marshall and thereabouts got dumped on, though. How's it where you are?

Y'know, I was thinking about removing the word verifications, but I'm afraid I'd be taking away all your fun! ;)