Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Something for me

Well, two somethings for me, actually. Back in December, I got an iPad. Jess 'n Alex brought theirs when they were here for Thanksgiving, and it seemed pretty cool. So I thought about it for a while and finally decided to get one for myself. I LOVE IT!! For lots of reasons.

Here's a lousy picture of it. ;) Just ignore the flash from the camera and the reflection of the ceiling fan/light. I was too lazy to go back upstairs and take another picture. Also, the background was my addition. It looks a little weirder in the photo than it really is.

I finally got around to making a case for it, to use when I take it somewhere. I finished it yesterday (one of the projects I mentioned I was working on). I'm not totally satisfied with it, but it'll do for the little use it'll get. I should've had it made before we went to Des Moines in January, but the bubble wrap I used instead sufficed okay. :)

Here's a look at the inside, with the iPad in it. It's a very close fit. Almost too close.

The fabric, as a lot of you may recognize, was designed by Jess.

Courtney also loves my iPad. I've downloaded a few games for her to play on it, and even some books she can listen to. So many fun (and free!) things to choose from. Speaking of bubble wrap, here she is popping some (way back on her birthday)!


Jess said...

The case looks good! Nice work! And nice segue to the bubble wrap Courney video, too. I see she wears a sweat band when she pops bubbles in case the exertion makes her perspire.

Grandma G said...

Thanks. And thanks. Yes, you'd be surprised how sweaty she gets when she pops bubbles! ;)

The Luedtke Family said...

Do you have the free Talking Tom Cat app? You can feed the cat milk, pet it and it purrs, poke it, hit it hard and it complains, say something and it repeats EVERYTHING back in a higher pitch. Our kids L.O.V.E it on the iphone.

Grandma G said...

I do now! Thanks... Courtney will love it, too!!

Jess said...

Donna's kids are crazy about it, too.