Monday, March 28, 2011

View from the sewing room window

I had some peeping toms on Saturday. Well, two toms and two girls. Here are my youngest kittens, brother and sister Boots and Tippy:

Lovely background, right? Yeah, it's still there. Just ignore it. I do. I try, anyway... hoping it'll go away.... but it sure is slow at melting.


Tuffy the Mouse Eater was there, too, for a while. I was talking to them through the closed window, so they stayed pretty close. When I ran upstairs for the camera, Tuffy disappeared. I guess he had better things to attend to. Scoot showed up shortly after, though.

(Click to enlarge.)

At least the snow has melted back from the window quite a ways, and the dianthus is even looking a little green. Maybe there's hope!

Here's a little peeping in action (ignore also the dirty streaks they - and a 'coon? - put on the window):

Did you notice Scoot's nose? Funny markings seem to run in the family. Here's a closer look:

And her sister Josie's nose:

That's Josie's professional portrait (which I may have shown you before) done by Jess at Thanksgiving. Lovely, isn't it?


JHRME said...

Such pretty kitties!

Grandma G said...

They should have some lovely offspring, too.... if you can ever convince Luke! ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, that is a nice picture of Josie.
We have trouble getting our Trixie to look or hold still. Maybe she's just not photogenic.

Please make winter go away.
I hope you have that power.

Grandma G said...

Oh, Josie always sits perfectly for photos. Hahaha! I was holding her for this one, and Jess has a quick trigger finger. ;) And you didn't see the rejects (neither did I).

IF ONLY I had that power!! Thinking I should maybe do a "guess the final melt date" contest again. It sure ain't gonna be all gone the first week in April like it was last year! :(