Monday, May 30, 2011

Here's how it's done

Some of you were wondering how it works when 2 cats have their kittens in the same place. Here ya go:

Whether the babies were each with their own birth mother, I have no idea. Possibly neither have the mothers.

I love how those 2 white ones are turning out to be not-so-white. Click on the pic to enlarge it, and look at their markings. Soooo interesting! Several years ago I had one who started out all white, then got grayish ears and tail, and when he matured, he developed lots of darker hair and was strikingly beautiful! He also had the Siamese blue eyes. So we'll see how these 2 turn out.

Here are some action shots for your enjoyment. Be sure to turn up the volume in the second one and listen to how Courtney talks to them. ADORABLE!!

Little photographer in action:

Those shots are all from last Tuesday. No doubt they've grown a lot since then. And no doubt we'll have to do this all over again tomorrow. ;)


Lori said...

Ilove this pic's. I'm so glad I saved the Mommys last year.

Grandma G said...

I'm glad you did, too, Grandma Lori! All that bottle feeding was worth it (especially when it was you doing it and not me ;) )! Thanks!

It's also nice that the mommies are such 'people' cats, so they don't mind Courtney being in there at all. Even if she wasn't there to see "you big girls". :)

Grace said...

ADORABLE about says it for all-- the little girl and the Litle kittens and "The Big Girls" I am just glad they will be on your cat food bill and not mine. A 40 pound bag does not last long around here. Our mamas have not had their babies YET>

Grandma G said...

Nate just discovered 4 more this afternoon... Mama had hers hidden in the hay stack he was taking bales from. First I've seen of them. And Scoot has babies 'somewhere' now, too! Yikes! I'll have to start charging my blog viewers just to help pay for their food! ;)

Yumeko said...

oh wow! how precious!!!!